Supporting academics to become an extension of the marketing team

In this article, we discuss the power of cross-functional working and the potential impact when a team of voices come together to create something bigger than themselves.

TBE Article
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“The Brand Education is epitomised by expertise, versatility, and an innate understanding of how social media intersects with today’s HE landscape to influence reputation. The Brand Education’s approach to developing, implementing and running the social media sessions was intelligently nuanced, accommodating all levels of ability and experience. Using a range of in-house and guest speakers, they delivered two empowering sessions (one for beginners, and one for advanced-level users) that really encouraged engagement. The workshops broke down barriers, inspiring our researchers to understand that their stories and achievements needed to be shared and also to see the benefits of raising their profile.”
Nicola Vassallo
Director of Brand and Marketing, Nottingham Trent University
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