Our mission is to change that and give you the data insight and tools you need to own your strengths solidify your positioning and feel empowered to create change.
Unlike other brand and marketing consultancies we specialise in higher education and our deep understanding of the sector equips us with the right knowledge to break your brand barriers and uncover transformative opportunities for your university.
Here at The Brand Education, we can help you:
  • Elevate and strengthen your university’s global reputation.
  • Utilise data-driven insights to gain support and collaboration from stakeholders.
  • Adopt an evidence-based approach to secure valuable investments.
  • Chart a strategic course for impactful research and marketing campaigns.

Our Services

Our branding services aim to uncover your distinctive qualities and craft a compelling brand position and narrative that highlights your unique strengths while meeting the needs of your target audience. We provide a comprehensive range of strategic brand services, and assist with redesign projects to ensure a consistent and impactful visual identity that aligns seamlessly with your brand’s voice.

We deliver tailored insights to enhance your university’s brand, reputation, marketing, and digital presence. Our strategies align with institutional goals, always backed by market research and social listening data. We prioritise stakeholder engagement and offer analytics to assist CMOs and senior leaders in making informed, impactful, and ROI-driven marketing decisions.

Our reputation-building service is a comprehensive offering designed to enhance your university’s standing in academia, research, faculty, and student perception. Leveraging strategic insights, we employ tailored branding and communication strategies, strengthening your university’s reputation and positioning it for success in today’s competitive academic landscape.

Our Training services equip university departments and stakeholders (senior leaders, marketing, and academics) to enhance their online brand presence, fostering brand stewardship through interactive workshops and tailored programmes. We empower teams to cultivate their reputation internally by instilling confidence and plugging knowledge gaps, amplifying impact and engaging stakeholders authentically.

The Brand Education Team

TBE_Headshot_Zeenat_Alt Zeenat Fayaz

Director of Brand Strategy

Zeenat’s extensive experience in higher education and her mastery of strategic thinking have positioned her as an invaluable leader both at The Brand Education and within the wider sector.

She is well recognised as a thought leader, and has been published in leading publications including HEPI, as well as being the host of The Brand Education podcast which brings together leaders from across higher education.

Karen-Mendoza-_-Performance-Director-Media-_-Analytics Karen Mendoza

Digital Media Manager

Karen has more than 6 years of experience in online marketing and analytics, running brand and performance campaigns for global brands including Birkenstock, adidas and Reebok, as well as with the HE sector with universities like UBC, ITU, RCSI, and more.

Highly knowledgeable on social channels (Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest), running campaigns and collaborating in data-backed content creation to drive strong results.

TBE_Headshot_Nima Nima Falatoori

Creative Consultant

Nima has over 20 years experience at the very pinnacle of brand and identity design. He has led brand identity projects for Flying Tiger Copenhagen, BT, The British Council, United Nations Environment Programme, and Gulf Air.

His knowledge of the Higher Education sector has been borne from leading rebrand and marketing work for organisations such as Kings College London, University of Northampton, The Alan Turing Institute, UNEP, The Welsh Assembly and the Doha Film Institute.

TBE_Headshot_Katharine Katharine Pogson

Education Partner

Katharine is a recent graduate and joins us to assist in our outreach and digital marketing efforts. She previously worked alongside complex fashion and higher-education institutions and so knows how to maintain first-class relationships with both our current and prospective clients.

Today, she helps The Brand Education with our global presence, whether that be online and interacting with our digital community, or on the ground collaborating with some of the most influential universities across the world.

Our Advisory Board

The Brand Education has always been an advocate for bringing the best minds together. We believe that by uniting professionals with different areas of expertise, we can build a powerful collective with the ability to find solutions to the most complex higher education challenges, and uncover the most valuable opportunities.

With people who know the intricacies of higher education in our corner, we can support our clients and the sector with profound knowledge, meaning and intention.

Jo Lowe

Chief Marketing Officer at Sydney University

Emily Osborne

Chief Communications Officer at KAUST

John Pritchard

Chair of Russell Group Directors of Strategy and Planning, Director at Durham University

Cameron Mirza

Chief of party at IREX